Fall 2005 Anime Releases

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in alphabetical order - number of eps if known
Groups: groups subbing that I know (in best to worst order as I learn them)
Summary: mainly of first episodes but any summary will spoil a lot of that for anyone
My First Impressions: I give my first impressions honestly, I do have specific tastes and I don't expect you to think the same thing as me, but it's there for those who know whether they have similar or very different tastes from me.
Link: link to more info

Angel Heart - ? eps
Groups: Anime-Kraze, Animacy
Summary: A young Taiwanese assassin codename "Glass Heart" committed suicide, but she survived by a heart transplant. The heart belonged to Makimura Kaori, City Hunter Saeba Ryo's former partner.
My First Impressions: <not watching>
Link: anidb, animenfo

Animal Yokocho - ? eps
Groups: a.f.k.
Summary: Ami-chan has mysterious animals who visit her room everyday. They look like cute stuffed animals, but they annoy her and more begin to appear.
My First Impressions: <not watching - seemed too kiddish>
Link: anidb, animenfo

Aria the Animation - 13 eps
Groups: Hikari no Kiseki, CrystalNova
Summary: 15-year old, Mizunashi Akari went to Mars. It is 2301 AD, Mars was terraformed and is now "Aqua," a planet of water. Akari arrived in Mars, to Neo Venezia (New Venice) to become a gondola rower or Undine.
My First Impressions: slow paced anime, very everyday life type happenings, but kind of cute and sweet. You know the type that was made to leave a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Doesn't look super interesting, but it's warm and fuzzy enough to watch (only the cat thing scares me).
Link: anidb, animenfo

Black Cat - ? eps
Groups: Anime-Keep&AnimeHaven, Oyasumi-subs, Bakakozou, Ayu, AnimeForever&RevQuest
Summary: The legendary assassin "Black Cat" was supposed to be killed because he betrayed the syndicate, Cronos. But now he's still alive and taking missions from someone else? Watch what happens as he brings bad luck to this targets.
My First Impressions: I didn't like it much. The art is okay, but I don't like the animation style, lots of stills, and I didn't like how they introduced all the characters without relating them to each other.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Blood+ - 52? eps
Groups: Live-Evil, Anime-Kraze, Shinsen-subs, Bakakozou
Summary: Otonashi Saya lost her memories a year ago. What will happen when a mysterious man gives her a kiss and seems to revive all those memories? Kick some un-dead ass? We'll find out.
My First Impressions: If you liked the OAV, you'll probably like the TV even more. Art is decent, and animation is not bad either. It looks interesting so far, with some kind of plot developing. More interesting than the OAV I think, but long time since I've seen it.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Canvas2: Niji Iro no Sketch - 26 eps
Groups: LunarAnime, KazenoKoe Fansubs
Summary: Based on the game, Kamikura Hiroki is studying to be an art teacher. Hosen Elise is his cousin, a student in the art club he supervises and wants him to start painting again. Kikyo Kiri is Hiroki's childhood friend who was rejected in highschool by Hiroki, and now they unexpectedly end up at Elise's highschool.
My First Impressions: the art is pretty enough, but the whole sister likes brother, brother likes childhood friend kinda scares me.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Capeta - ? eps
Groups: Anime-Empire
Summary: Taira Kappeita or Capeta is a 4th grader boy. He lost his mother when he was young and was very lonely, but didn't show it to his father. One day his father brings junk parts back to make a race cart, and though it's not well made, Capeta manages with his skills. He soon followed Minanoto Naomi, champion of the East Japan Junior Cart, and Naomi's mother encourages Capeta to join the official race.
My First Impressions: <not watching>
Link: anidb, animenfo

Cluster Edge - ? eps
Groups: Anime-Shrine&Shining Fansubs, AnimeYuki
Summary: Agate Fluorite finds himself going to Cluster EA, prestige school. He has a secret to his birth and power to bring miracles.
My First Impressions: the art isn't bad, except sometimes the guys look like girls lol. Otherwise, hard to tell where it's going right now, but it looks interesting. Lot of character development at first, some plot development going on later, but not one of the better ones of the season.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Ginban Kaleidoscope - ? eps
Groups: Conclave&Arienai, C1Anime, Penguin Fansubs, KazenoKoe Fansubs
Summary: Sakurano Tazuna is a beautiful and gifted figure skater, but she's hated because of her attitude. Lately she's been failing, but all of a sudden a ghost appears and as she opens up to him she works hard to be chosen for the Turino Olympics.
My First Impressions: It's interesting, but nothing spectacular. Your typical spunky, self-centered girl with great annoyance towards a ghost suddenly showing up. If it gets into that heart warming stuff, I think it'll take at least a couple eps, not sure I'd continue watching this.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Ginga Densetsu Weed - 26 eps
Groups: Anime Suuxe-den
Summary: Sequel to Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, which is about a third generation bear-dog destined to defeat Akakabuto, a terrifying bear.
My First Impressions: <not watching>
Link: anidb, animenfo

Gunparade Orchestra - 26 eps
Groups: Conclave, Shin Getter
Summary: The 108th squad in Aomori has few resources, a lot less mobility, and can't compete with the elite Hokkaido division. The Phantom Beats however aim at a weak defence, so now the 108th is being raided. What will happen?
My First Impressions: I rarely ever say this, but if you liked GPM, you'll probably dislike this, at least ep1. The mecha wasn't good looking, the characters are ... lame, the action wasn't very good. A big disappointment if you had high hopes from watching GPM, but I guess I'll give it another couple of eps to form a better opinion, maybe it'll get better.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Happy Seven - 13 eps
Groups: Anime-Himitsu
Summary: Sakogami Amano is a very unlucky highschool girl who goes to Shitennoji Academy. One day, she has a strange dreams but can't remember it when she wakes up. The next day, she happens to enter the Kaiun Kenkyukai (society for the study of improving one's fortune) club room and the seven girls with the power of Shichifukujin (Seven Fortune Gods). They tell her to pray to become happy, but what follows is a monster which haunted her comes out and assaults her. Then, she starts to remember her dream.
My First Impressions: Okay this is actually very different from what I expected. It's actually like magical girl transformation style, except with 7 girls and 1 guy. They fight bug-like monsters... oh my. Needless to say I doubt I'll continue this one.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Hotori ~Tada Saiwai wo Koinegau~ - OVA
Groups: C1Anime
Summary: Suzu is a personality plant robot and he's been implanted with Ogura Ryo's personality unit. One day Suzu meets Shimizu Hotori, who's losing her memory and dieing due to a disease. What friendship will come from Suzu who is collecting memories and Hotori who is losing hers? Note: First prize at Animax contest for script.
My First Impressions: I liked it. It's a slow pace anime, but it wasn't bad. The art wasn't very good though, especially when at a distance. Not as good as some slow paced animes I've seen, but one of the better oens and definitely worth a watch.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Jigoku Shoujo - 26 eps
Groups: Ayu, AnimeSource
Summary: There exists an urban legend of a message board called "Jigoku Tsushin," only accessible at midnight. The story goes that if someone writes their grudge up there, Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) will take that person to Hell. But the story is actually true! Emma Ai is a quiet girl who will turn into Jigoku Shoujo, but what's not told is that she also takes the soul of the one who posts up their grudge as well.
My First Impressions: It seems like there's a general plot, ie very episodic. I think it's kinda cool, art isn't bad, but I'm not sure I'd watch very much before getting bored unless it starts a more general plot.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Karin - 24 eps
Groups: a.f.k., Anime-Empire, We Suck, Anime-Shrine, Nikuman, KazeNoKoe Fansubs
Summary: Karin seems to be a normal girl, but we soon find out that she's actually part of a vampire family. But she's a disgrace because she produces blood!
My First Impressions: Definitely more of a comedy, but I kind of like it. At least it doesn't scare me like Tsukuyomi did with catears. I'm hoping it turns out to be more than just a simple comedy with no plot and no character development, but we'll see.
Link: anidb, ANN

Karas - 6 eps OVA
Groups: Nyanko Fansubs
Summary: In Shijuku, in the nearby future, there are numerous murders plagued with rumours about ghosts and frogs. The victims are drained of their body fluid, and miraculously there's always one survivor. Some know that Eko is the murderer, the fomer "Karas," a guardian of the town. At some point, he had changed his name to Eko and took revenge on the people in the own. Yurine, controller of Karas, chooses Otoha to be the new Karas, and a battle begins.
My First Impressions: Honestly, this totally looks like a "game-like action" anime and that's it. The plot was sooo lost within that in the first ep, so I'm not fond of this, nor do I plan on watching more.
Link: anidb

Lamune - 12 eps
Groups: C1Anime
Summary: Tomosaka Kenji moved to a coastal town when he was young. At that time, the sea spread out in front of him shined like lamune (lemonade), where he met a girl. Kokonoe Nanami is the girls next door. Another summer is coming again, and it's just a normal summer, but it has special meaning...
My First Impressions: <not watching - so I got the heads up that it's not your typical dating sim anime, but I don't have time>
Link: anidb, animenfo

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's - 13 eps
Groups: The-Triad
Summary: Nanoha, a magical girl, is reunited with her friends when a group of magical girls appear and are stealing people's energy for the Book of Darkness.
My First Impressions: if you liked TV1 then you're sure to like TV2, my favourite magical girl series ever!
Link: anidb, animenfo

Mai Otome (My Otome) - ? eps
Groups: Static-Subs, Doremi, LIME
Summary: Otome are elites with magical powers that guard and advise important people. Arika Yumemiya is looking for her mother, and decides to become an Otome, but that means getting into and graduating with honors at Galdelupe.
My First Impressions: this looks entertaining at the very least. I don't expect it to be much better than Hime, but it doesn't seem that much worse either. Definitely some good versus evil plot that's gonna go on.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Mushishi - ? eps
Groups: Anbu, AnimeForever, C1Anime
Summary: The "Mushi" are primitive lifeforms that exist in a vague way. Their purpose isn't to scare, but to just exist and possibly show people mysterious phenomena. Ginko, the Mushishi, mediates between people and Mushi and we follow him on his journey.
My First Impressions: It's interesting. Definitely different from most of the series out this season. The way the Mushi interact with the human world is messed up in some ways. I didn't like ep1 very much, but ep2 kind of pulled me in, with all this interesting mystery.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Noein ~Mou Hitori no Kimi e~ - 24 eps
Groups: Shinsen-subs, AssSubs
Summary: Haruka saw a man on the roof of the church and it was Karasu, who's come from a dimension 15 year in the future "Dimension Lacrima." Karasu is actually a Dragon Knight, but also Haruka's childhood friend, Yu. 15 years later, a horrible war continues between Lacrima, trying to save the dimension, and Dimension Shangria, trying to destroy the dimensions. Lacrima's only hope is to find the "Torque of the Dragon," thus why Karasu goes back in time. (I'm very confused by animenfo's description, but I've tried my best.)
My First Impressions: This is one messed up anime, no doubt. The art is a tad ugly in some parts imo, but this is one of the most interesting animes I've seen so far this season!
Link: anidb, animenfo

Paradise Kiss - 12 eps
Groups: AnimeForever&Froth-Bite, Inuyasha 4ever & OpenSea Fansub
Summary: Yukari is your typical highschool student that listens to her parents and goes to school. But then she encounters a group of fashion students with a clothing label "Paradise Kiss" that picks Yukari for one of their fashion show models. Their passion makes Yukari want to find her own dreams.
My First Impressions: wow... weird animation style that's for sure, from real world and animation mix (Jubei-style), to your normal (not so pretty) animation, to simplistic comic style, and back and forth between the latter two. It's.. interesting to say the least, but very weird and you got everything from normal to bi to cross dresser.
Link: anidb , animenfo

Play Ball - 13 eps
Groups: LunarAnime
Summary: Taniguchi Takao was a good baseball player but he broke his finger and couldn't play anymore. So he ended up joining the soccer team, but he couldn't give up his love for baseball. What happens then?
My First Impressions: <not watching - I mean it's another sports anime>
Link: anidb, animenfo

Prayers - 4 eps OVA
Groups: AnimeSource
Summary: In 2014, Shibuya is an independent nation from Japan, and necessities are transported through the 'cobweb' in the sky, but it just makes the people looked trapped inside the cobweb. In this city, "Prayers" make money by battling with music, but sending eletric signals into each others' brains means to destroy each other. What will happen when our main characters suddenly meets a girl who has no memory of herself? And who are these people watching them?
My First Impressions: It's interesting, but kinda freaky. Such a pretty thing, such a nice voice, such destructiveness. It's only 4 eps and hopefully ASource will do them all, so I'll be keeping up with this one to see how it turns out.
Link: animenfo , ANN

Rozen Maiden ~Traumend~ - 12 eps
Groups: Studio ADTRW, Chachamaru, AnimeLito
Summary: Jun Sakurada is busy studying in the library, making up for lost time. Meanwhile, Shinku has been having nightmares from the unsettling sadness she's been feeling over her defeat of Suigintou. When Suigintou's "companion" spirit shows up one night, Shinku follows to find the 7th doll, Barasuishou, has awakened. She realizes that Suigintou's fate may befall the other dolls, since the awakening of the last doll signals the beginning of the end for the Alice Games.
My First Impressions: S2 is a direct continuation of S1, so not much else say. Can't wait!
Link: anidb, ANN

Shakugan no Shana - ? eps
Groups: Eclipse, FlameHaze, Inuyasha 4ever Fansubs & Shakugan, EvalPowar
Summary: Sakai Yuki has just entered highschool, but one day he saw people frozen by fire, a large doll fighting monsters and just as he's about to be killed a girl saves him. But then the girl tells him his existence has already been consumed, but he's now a "torch." Thus he begins his journey to fight alongside the girl.
My First Impressions: crazy stuff, weird monsters, an interesting style of showing parts of the ending of the ep then telling the story in flashback mode. The art is pretty typical, nothing special, but not bad. It looks interesting and I like the style, we'll see how it turns out.
Note: Already licensed.
Link: anidb, animenfo

Solty Rei - ? eps
Groups: Shinsen-subs
Summary: Solty is a robot girl living with Roy, a bounty hunter. She is obviously not human, but what is she exactly? Even she doesn't know, but she can kick some ass!
My First Impressions: This looks cool. Reminds me of Mahoro cuz of the moving hair lol but otherwise, no idea what might happen, but definitely has potential. And plus, looks a lot more exciting than a lot of other series this season.
Link: anidb, animenfo

To Heart 2 - 13 eps
Groups: Shinsen-subs, Shinobu Fansubs, roxfan
Summary: The story revolves around Kono Takaaki and his encounters with various girls. (so animenfo says)
My First Impressions: If you liked To Heart, you'll probably like TH2 as well, but a tad boring for my tastes.
Link: anidb, animenfo

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