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in alphabetical order - number of eps if known
Groups: groups subbing that I know of
Summary: taken from a site or the 1st ep if I can't find any info
My First Impressions: I give my first impressions honestly, I do have specific tastes and I don't expect you to think the same thing as me, but it's there for those who know whether they have similar or very different tastes from me.
Other Comments: Others' comments.
Link: link to more info

Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka - ? eps
Groups: Eclipse, A.S.S., Dark-Rebirth & Mayu-Subs & Genjo-Subs, Aero Subs
Summary: In order to protect the girl Yuuhi Katagiri, a new transfer student, from danger, Junichi Nagase is forced to kiss her. Not understanding what happend, she screams at him, not knowing that her father has arranged for her to marry him. [from anidb/ANN]
My First Impressions: <not watching unless recommended - not really into harem anime>
Link: anidb , ANN

Casshern Sins - ? eps
Groups: Shinsen-Subs, Umai Fansubs, AoShen
Summary: After decades since the original anime series, the cybernetic warrior returns in Casshern Sins. Humanity is almost extinct. Robots constantly replace their body parts, fearing the corrosion of rust: their only form of death. In this wretched time and place, Casshern returns after a lengthy disappearance since his murder of Luna. Having lost his memory, Casshern now defends the humans from the robots, and find out his true identity and purpose.[from ANN]
My First Impressions: All I have to say is, I fell asleep while watching this and the art wasn't very good either.
Link: anidb , ANN

Chaos Head - 12 eps
Groups: m.3.3.w., AoShen
Summary: Takumi is a high school student. He is withdrawn and is not interested in 3D things. In his town, a mysterious serial murder case happens and people get panicked. One day, when he chats on the internet, a man suddenly contacts him and gives him an URL. He goes to the website and finds a blog image that suggests a next murder case... On the next day, it really happens... [from ANN]
My First Impressions: So far, it's pretty messed up, but I really think it needs an ep2 before passing judgement. The only thing I will say so far is that the art kind of bothers me... but the plot seems interesting. After ep2 though, things just keep getting more and more messed up and I'm not sure I care about this anymore... plus the art degraded even more during this ep.
Link: anidb , ANN

Ga-Rei Zero - ? eps
Groups: AnimeYoshi, Aero Subs, sMi Fansubs
Summary: Freshman Nimura Kensuke has the ability to see ghosts, and his life changes when he meets Kagura, a girl with the power to summon a "Ga-Rei" called Byakuei. The two work together to find evil spirita and devour them with the Ga-Rei. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: The art isn't that good, but the anime is interesting so far. The ending of ep1 was definitely unpredictable and I'm really interested in seeing what happens next. They use flashback but in an interesting way, which is refreshing.
Link: anidb , ANN

Hakushaku to Yousei - ? eps
Groups: m.3.3.w., Higure-Subs & Rumbel Fansubs
Summary: The story is set in 19th century England and centers on a "fairy doctor" named Lydia. Her life takes a 180-degrees turn when she meets a legendary blue knight count named Edgar and his crew. He hires her as an adviser during his quest to obtain a treasured sword that was supposed to be handed down to him by his family. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: It seems interesting so far, if you into the supernatural shoujo type of story. I'll probably watch a couple more eps at least.
Link: anidb , ANN

Hyakko - 13 eps
Groups: Ayako (Himatsubushi), Mayu-Subs & Genjo-Subs
Summary: On the first day of high school at Kamizono Academy, four girls meet each other while lost on the huge campus, and form a friendship. This story follows the daily school life of the four girls and their eclectic classmates. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: I watched the first ep and it really didn't interest me... I found it kind of boring, but if you like the comedy everyday life of slight crazy girls in school genre you might like this one.
Link: anidb , ANN

Inazuma Eleven - ? eps
Groups: Dats
Summary: Based on Level-5's RPG video game with the same name, soccer. [from anidb/ANN]
My First Impressions: <not watching unless recommended>
Link: anidb , ANN

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens - ? eps
Groups: Ayako, Eien no Anime, SHiN-gx Fansubs & Genjo-Subs
Summary: An art student named Jin Mikuriya carves a statue from the wood of the Kannagi tree only to have the statue come to life in the form of a goddess, who has now taken over the statue - "Nagi". Nagi is forced to move in with Jin and tries to accept her new existence by taking out her anger in squashing bugs....er, cleaning the "Impurities". Nagi has a rival in a little sister guardian deity, who lives in a shrine located on the other side of the river. Well, Zenga-chan has woken up too and decides to become a top teen-idol of the village, much to Nagi's dismay. [from ANN/anidb]
My First Impressions: This was rather boring. It's like trying to be chobits but then with the need to cleanse impurities in order to prevent calamities, which does nothing to really add to the story so far though. Seriously though, unless someone recommends it, I'm not watching anymore.
Link: anidb , ANN

Kemeko DX - ? eps
Groups: Strike-Subs, Deculture
Summary: A chibi robot doll appears in the room of a typical high school boy. The robot claims the boy as her husband and then a beautiful girl comes out of the doll's mouth who knows the boy from 10 years prior and had been promised his hand in marriage. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: <not watching unless recommended>
Link: anidb , ANN

Kuroshitsuji - ? eps
Groups: Shinsen-Subs, AniStash
Summary: One of the noble families of England - Phantomhive, has a butler, Sebastian Michaels. He has unquestionably perfect knowledge, manners, talent with materials. martial arts and much more. But he serves a 12 year old master. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: This one seems interesting so far, but the first episode was rather episodic and a bit random, but bishie butler with what looks like demon contracting which should lead to something interesting, but if it doesn't pick up in another ep or two, it'll get really boring.
Link: anidb , ANN

Kurozuka - 12 eps
Groups: Ureshii, Yuurisan Subs & Shinsen-Subs, AniStash
Summary: Kuro, a 12th-century man, flees into the mountains after losing to his brother, where he meets a strange, beautiful woman named Kuromitsu. Kuro falls in love with Kuromitsu but realizes she conceals a dark secret. She is unable to die and continues to live for thousands of years as Japan evolves into a future society. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: This is a really weird anime and the summary more or less covers the 1st ep, it was kind of boring though and even the bloodiness and violence didn't make up for its boringness. Not continuing unless someone recommends it.
Link: anidb , ANN

Kyou no Go no Ni - 13 eps
Groups: Chihiro-Fansubs
Summary: An ecchi, school-life comedy show about Ryota Satou and his hilarious events and, often perverted, situations that he goes through and ends up in. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: <not watching unless recommended - didn't really like the OVA>
Link: anidb , ANN

Linebarrels of Iron - 24 eps
Groups: Gonzo, Onibaku & Toki-Fansubs, Kesenai Fansubs
Summary: An artificial satellite falls to Earth in 2013, seriously injuring Hayase Kouichi. He awakens six months later with strange powers. Three years later, a giant robot called Linebarrel appears and Kouichi joins him to fight for Juda, the largest medical equipment supplier in the world. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: Watched the 1st ep and it seemed very typical, boy suddenly gets awesome powers to use mecha and battle evil. Everything was kind of okay level for me, so unless someone recommends it, I'm not watching any more.
Link: anidb , ANN

Michiko to Hatchin - ? eps
Groups: Animanda & AnimeOne, BSS, sudo, Ramen-subs
Summary: Michiko is a free-willed "sexy diva" who destroys a supposedly inescapable fortress, while Hatchin is a girl fleeing her strict foster parents. The two join forces on an improbable escape to freedom. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: Honestly, the first ep was a bit meh, mostly because I really didn't like the art, but I also don't really see the point of this anime. I might give it another ep, but I kind of doubt it'll get more interesting for me.
Link: anidb , ANN

Mouryou no Hako - ? eps
Groups: Aero Subs, yesy & Formula Subs
Summary: The story follows a series of bizzare murders of schoolgirls who have been dismembered and stuffed into boxes. The private investigator hired by a missing daughters mother joins forces with an antique book seller and others to unravel the murder spree. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: <This just sounds a bit too morbid for me... probably won't grab it unless someone recommends it to me>
Link: anidb , ANN

One Outs - ? eps
Groups: m.3.3.w., Hatsuyuki Fansubs
Summary: Hiromichi Kojima, the star batter of the Lycaons, heads to Okinawa to train and bring himself out of a slump. There, he meets Toua Tokuchi, a 134-kmph/83 mph pitcher and the undisputed king of a gambling form of baseball called "One Out." At Kojima's urging, Tokuchi signs up with the Lycaons. His contract differs form the usual, though, in that he gets 5,000,000 yen for every out he pitches, but loses 50,000,000 yen for every point he gives up. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: <not watching unless recommended>
Link: anidb , ANN

Shikabane Hime: Aka - ? eps
Groups: Funimation, LunarAnime, Tomodachi (& UnderGround)
Summary: The title "Corpse Princess" belongs to Makina Hoshimura, an undead girl who seeks to hunt down 108 corpses in order to go to heaven. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: The main character is actually a guy named Ouri and the part in the summary is not actually revealed in ep1. This seems like the typical case of guy meets mysterious woman, gets interested in her and ends up helping her, but it's hard to say since ep1 didn't allow for that much development. I'll keep watching it for now. - and then by ep3 they still couldn't get my interest so I'm not continuing this unless someone tells me it gets not boring.
Link: anidb , ANN

Skip Beat - ? eps
Groups: Chihiro-Fansubs
Summary: Kyoko followed her true love and childhood friend Sho to Tokyo so she could help him reach his dream of becoming an idol. She cleans, cooks, works three jobs and does nothing for herself because she loves him so much, but gets nothing in return. Still, she remains by his side. But then one day she goes unannounced to his agency with a delivery, and overhears him talking about her; he reveals to his manager that he only took her with him as a maid, and that he doesn't care for her at all. Upon hearing this, Kyoko doesn't just sit around and cry. She cuts and dyes her hair, changes her clothes and attitude and thus begins her journey to join showbiz and have her revenge against Sho. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: I liked ep1 so I went to read the manga. Needless to say, I didn't get any homework done lol
Link: anidb , ANN

Switch - OVA 2 eps
Groups: Ryuu-Rogue
Summary: Two newbies at the Narcotic Control Department in Japan, Hal and Kai, struggle against: drug dealers, gangs, murderers, psychopaths, mysterious organizations, and mad people in general. The gentle and caring one of the group, Kai, who has problems of his own, has the tendancy of turning into a lethal killing machine in certain scenarios. The way he acts changes like that of a "switch". As the two do their job, answers of what is behind Kai's strange behavior and who exactly he is, is revealed. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: <coming soon?>
Link: anidb , ANN

Tales of the Abyss - ? eps
Groups: gg Fansubs, Shinsen-Subs, Yuurisan Subs, Osu!, Aero Subs, Abyssal Chronicles
Summary: Luke fon Fabre, the son of Duke Fabre of the Kimlasca Kingdom, is 17 years old. He is the Light of the Sacred Flame who is destined to bring prosperity to Kimlasca. But since being kidnapped seven years ago by the Malkuth empire, he has been kept confined to the Fabre family mansion. The shock of the kidnapping erased all of Luke's memories prior to the event. But one fateful day, a mysterious woman breaks into the mansion and sets off a chain of events that will change the world forever... [from anidb]
My First Impressions: Very much a fantasy adventure anime. The art is average I guess and there doesn't seem to be much character depth, being very plot driven instead, but it doesn't seem too bad either after 3 eps so I'll keep watching it for now.
Link: anidb , ANN

Toaru Majutsu no Index - ? eps
Groups: Eclipse (& m.3.3.w.), Anime-Empire & Shinsen-Subs, AoShen
Summary: In a world where science clarifies supernatural powers. In a huge college that has power development in its curriculum. To a resident high school student, Kamijou Touma, a pure white sister appears. She calls herself "Index" and says that sorcerers are chasing her. Thus, Kamijou Touma enters the world of the occult. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: This almost seems like your typical "boy has special power and will protect a girl and thus save the world in the process" kind of anime, but it seems decent so far and I like it enough to continue watching it for now.
Link: anidb , ANN

Toradora! - ? eps
Groups: gg Fansubs, AnimeYoshi, Mayu-Subs & Genjo-Subs, Paradym
Summary: A man with eyes that are so scary, so mean looking, that he's been isolated by almost everyone he's ever met. A girl who's said to be as fierce as a tiger. There is one girl who isn't afraid of him, the tiger's best friend, and as a result he's developed a crush on her. However, his only male friend is the idol of the tiger's affection. Due to a misplaced love-letter, the two team up in this odd-pair romance to help the other succeed in their love-goals. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: It seems like your typical we'll band together to get our crushes but it'll likely turn out that the two actually like each other. I was kind of bored of it by the end of ep2 so doubt I'll keep watching unless someone recommends it to me.
Link: anidb , ANN

Tytania - ? eps
Groups: ANBU, Aero Subs, Deer Fansubs
Summary: The capital of the empire of Euria is attacked by the empire of Titania, a much more powerful enemy that controls a large part of the galaxy. The story follows a soldier who flees the Titania empire and seeks refuge with the rebellion force, that rose up since the battle. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: This seems like a boring space history kind of anime, I doubt I'll continue unless someone recommends it.
Link: anidb , ANN

Yozakura Quartet - 12? eps
Groups: AnimeOne, AnimeYoshi, Chihiro-Fansubs
Summary: The story revolves around a quartet of teenaged heroes: A super-strong girl named Hime, a mind reader named Ao, a conjurer named Kotoha and an ordinary, powerless boy named Akina. The three girls and Akina protect the city of Sakurashin from supernatural threats. [from ANN]
My First Impressions: It seems like your typical crime fighting group except that it has to do with youkai and supernatural powers. The opening and closing music is not the best, but the art, characters and plot seems your average level. I'll give this another ep or 2 but this doesn't look like a keeper.
Link: anidb , ANN

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